Axisflying AF227 2207 2100KV Motors - Overview, Thrust Tests & Flight Footage

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β–Ί Axisflying AF227: ||
β–Ί Argus Pro Stack:

β–Ί Propellers:
- Dalprop T5146.5:
- Dalprop Nepal N2:

🎡 Music:

πŸ›©οΈ Thrust Test Results:

β–Ί Thrust Stand:

╔════║My Gearβ•žβ•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•‘
β•‘ β–Ί Goggles - FatShark HDO2 -
β•‘ β–Ί RX Module -
β•‘ β–Ί Radio Controller - Radiomaster TX16S:
β•‘ β–Ί Battery Charger - HOTA D6 Duo Pro:
β•‘ β–Ί Lipo Batteries:

β•‘β•šβ•£β•‘β•‘β•‘β•šβ•£β•šβ•£β•”β•£β•”β•£β•‘β•šβ•£β•β•£ β†’
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