How to 180 turns: FPV Tutorial Racing, Cinematic & Freestyle | MaiOnHigh

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🚀 Dive into the dynamic world of FPV flight with "How to 180 Turns: FPV Tutorial Racing, Cinematic & Freestyle | MaiOnHigh". Whether you're maneuvering through tight race courses, capturing breathtaking cinematic shots, or showcasing your freestyle prowess, mastering the 180 turn will elevate your flying to new heights. #FPVTutorial #180Turns #FPVRacing #MaiOnHigh

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🎮 Download the slalom track on Velocidrone:
1. Open Velocidrone's Track Editor
2. Click "Download Tracks" at the bottom
3. Search for "180 Turns Training - Maionhigh - Train Insane" or just "maionhigh"
4. Download the track and fly in Nemesis Mode!
My Velocidrone settings and drone settings:

✨ About This Tutorial:
This comprehensive guide is designed for FPV pilots of all levels seeking to perfect the art of the 180 turn. From essential techniques to advanced strategies, I walk you through each aspect of this maneuver, ensuring you gain the confidence and skills to execute flawless 180 turns in any flying scenario.

🚁 What You'll Learn:

An overview of the 180 turn and its significance in FPV flight
How to assess your current skill level and set realistic training goals
Step-by-step instructions for practicing and perfecting the 180 turn
Tips for incorporating the 180 turn into racing, cinematic, and freestyle flying

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🕒 Video Timeline:
0:00-1:38 - Intro & Info
1:38-2:50 - Which lvl are you?
2:50-5:34 - What and how to train?
5:34-6:26 - Proper 180 Turns
6:26-7:29 - Outro & More info

#FPVFlying #DroneTutorial #180TurnTutorial #FPVPilot #MaiOnHighAcademy #DroneRacing #CinematicDrones #FreestyleFPV
‣ Final Cut Pro X 10.6.1
‣ Filmed by: Lexie Janson
‣ Edited by: Lexie Janson

Full list -
‣ Insta360 GO2 -
‣ Insta360 One-R -
‣ One-Inch addon:
‣ Sony ZV-E10
‣ Insta360 One

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