How to Corkscrew: FPV Racing, Cinematic & Freestyle Tutorial | MaiOnHigh

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Dive into the world of dynamic FPV flying with "How to Corkscrew: FPV Racing, Cinematic & Freestyle Tutorial | MaiOnHigh." Whether you're a seasoned pilot or just starting, this detailed tutorial will elevate your FPV skills, blending the adrenaline of racing with the artistry of cinematic and freestyle flying. #FPVDrone #CorkscrewManeuver #dronetutorial

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🎮 Download the slalom track on Velocidrone:
1. Open Velocidrone's Track Editor
2. Click "Download Tracks" at the bottom
3. Search for "Corkscrew Training - Maionhigh - Train Insane" or just "maionhigh"
4. Download the track and fly in Nemesis Mode!
My Velocidrone settings and drone settings:

🚀 In this Video:
Discover the secrets behind mastering the corkscrew maneuver, a staple in any FPV drone pilot's arsenal. From the basics of executing sharp, controlled turns to advanced techniques that add flair to your racing and cinematic projects, I break down every step with precision guidance and tips to ensure you nail this maneuver every time.

What You'll Learn:
The foundation of the corkscrew move and its applications in FPV racing, cinematic filming, and freestyle flying.
Step-by-step guide on executing the perfect corkscrew, including common mistakes to avoid.
Tips on how to incorporate the corkscrew into your flying to captivate audiences and dominate races.
Equipment recommendations and settings for optimal performance.

0:00-1:04 - Intro & Info
1:04-2:06 - What is a corkscrew
2:06-5:18 - Which lvl are you?
5:18-7:07 - What and how to train?
7:07-9:19 - Proper cokrscrew
9:19-11:09 - More info & Outro

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I love hearing from you! Share your corkscrew attempts, ask questions, or suggest what tutorials you’d want to see next in the COMMENTS below.

Embark on your FPV journey with confidence and creativity. Let’s turn the skies into your canvas and racetrack. Fly safe, and let's achieve new heights together!

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My filming equipment list:

My editing essentials:

‣ Final Cut Pro X 10.6.1
‣ Filmed by: Lexie Janson
‣ Edited by: Yasmin Halil

Full list -
‣ Insta360 GO2 -
‣ Insta360 One-R -
‣ One-Inch addon:
‣ Sony ZV-E10
‣ Insta360 One

Rode podcaster:
Camera microphone - Rode Micro:


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