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🚀 Elevate your FPV skills to new heights with "How to Ladder: FPV Tutorial - Racing, Cinematic & Freestyle | MaiOnHigh." Whether you're a beginner eager to learn or an experienced pilot looking to refine your techniques, this tutorial covers everything you need to know about executing the ladder maneuver across different FPV flying styles. #FPVTutorial #LadderManeuver #FPVRacing #FPVCinematic #fpvfreestyle

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🎮 Download the slalom track on Velocidrone:
1. Open Velocidrone's Track Editor
2. Click "Download Tracks" at the bottom
3. Search for "Corkscrew Training - Maionhigh - Train Insane" or just "maionhigh"
4. Download the track and fly in Nemesis Mode!
My Velocidrone settings and drone settings:

✨ What You'll Learn:
This comprehensive tutorial dives deep into the ladder maneuver, a cornerstone technique in FPV flying that can dramatically enhance your racing performance, add dynamic flair to your cinematic footage, and elevate your freestyle sessions. We cover:

Racing: Precision and speed — mastering the ladder for competitive edge.
Cinematic: Incorporating the ladder into your storytelling for captivating aerial shots.
Freestyle: Creative expression through dynamic ladder combinations.

🔍 Inside the Video:
0:00-1:20 - Intro & Info
1:20-2:02 - Track Walk
2:02-5:46 - Which lvl are you?
5:46-10:08 - What and how to train?
10:08-11:00 - Proper Ladder
11:00-12:27 - More info & Outro

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‣ Final Cut Pro X 10.6.1
‣ Filmed by: Lexie Janson
‣ Edited by: Lexie Janso

Full list -
‣ Insta360 GO2 -
‣ Insta360 One-R -
‣ One-Inch addon:
‣ Sony ZV-E10
‣ Insta360 One

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