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Welcome to another high-flying episode of Train Insane FPV with MaiOnHigh – your premiere destination for FPV drone mastery! 🚀✨ #FPVDrone #FPVTutorial #DroneTraining #maionhigh

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🎯 In this video: "FPV APEX Training: Ultimate FPV Drone Tutorial | MaiOnHigh" I'll take you through a step-by-step guide on mastering APEX maneuvers, ensuring you dominate the skies with precision and style. Whether you're looking to polish your flight skills or starting from scratch, this tutorial is engineered to propel your piloting prowess to the apex of FPV flying!

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My filming equipment list:

My editing essentials:

0:00-1:12 - Intro & Info
1:12-3:23 - What is APEX?
3:23-5:45 - Which lvl are you?
5:45-9:03 - What and how to train?
9:03-10:40 - Proper APEX
10:40-12:23 - More info & Outro

🔧 What You'll Learn:

Core principles of APEX maneuvers
Efficient drone setups for optimal APEX execution
Detailed breakdown of essential APEX techniques
Practical tips for flawless APEX turns and transitions
Expert advice for applying APEX skills in real-world scenarios
🎥 Bring your FPV skills to the next level with clear, concise, and effective training methods that have helped countless pilots elevate their flying capabilities. Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights from a trusted source in the FPV community.

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‣ Final Cut Pro X 10.6.1
‣ Filmed by: Lexie Janson
‣ Edited by: Yasmin Halil

Full list - https://kit.co/MaiOnHigh
‣ Insta360 GO2 - https://www.insta360.com/sal/go_2?insrc=INRQ152
or AMAZON https://geni.us/mlvz20P
‣ Insta360 One-R - https://www.insta360.com/sal/one_r?insrc=INRQ152
Or AMAZON: https://geni.us/rrBNjl
‣ One-Inch addon: https://geni.us/rlFGVOQ
‣ Sony ZV-E10 https://geni.us/ouBH
‣ Insta360 One https://www.insta360.com/sal/one_x?insrc=INRQ152

Rode podcaster: https://geni.us/dzxd2
Camera microphone - Rode Micro: https://geni.us/bfpToDq


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